Body Mass Index (BMI) Interpretations for American Men, Women and Children

American children

BMI is usually interpreted in a different way for children. The formula and the calculation used of the BMI is same except the values are interpreted in a different way than adults. Instead of comparing it to a fixed values, it is compared with the percentile of children around the same of the child whose BMI is calculated.

BMI Calculator For Men Women & Children

For children usually

  • Below 5 percentile is considered underweight
  • Above 95 percentile is considered obese

The percentile chart shows these respective values to compare their BMI value of children in America. In recent survey it is proven that one in three kids in USA is overweight or obese. The survey has shown considerable increase the number of obese children in America. An obese kid has actually 80 % chance of being obese throughout his life. The weight and the adipose tissue amount present in the body vary for men and women and the keep on changing as they older.

BMI Calculator for Men and Women (American)

The percentile remains the same for classifying underweight and overweight. The people below 5 percentile are underweight and the percentile above 95 is obese. But the value of the percentile changes for everyone including men, children and women.

BMI Calculator for Men

The value of 5 percentile for American men is 20.7 Kg/m2 and the value of the 95 percentile is 39.8 Kg/m2. The American men are classified based on these values of BMI.

BMI Calculator for Women

The value of 5 percentile for American women is 19.6 Kg/m2 and the numerical value of the 95 percentile is 43.3 kg /m2. The women are classified on the basis of these values.

However the above mentioned value of the percentile is for peopleĀ above the age of 20 generally in America. The values can be even more specifically interpreted according to their age.

The highly elevated levels of adipose tissues present in the body can cause many diseases which can shorten your lifespan, even result in death sometimes. The people in the category of overweight and obese have high chances of affected by the below mentioned disease.

  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Gallbladder disease and gallstones
  • Some types of cancer
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gout
  • Sleep apnea
  • Heart disease and stroke
  • Epidural lipomatosis

The BMI is generally is used for the purpose of obtaining the public health for the survey and to assess the condition of the general public. It used for the medical purpose to determine the health of the patient and to recommend to suitable diet to maintain their BMI value and also for the purpose of the screening process in some professions. A study published that based on the BMI value that overweight and normal people have same death rate while the obese and underweight people have a higher death rate.


Some of the institutes and individuals argue that the errors in the BMI calculations are more significant and so they should not be used. They argue that BMI is convenient ,but it is very inaccurate to be forced on the people and should be immediately reconsidered. The errors in the BMI calculation will lead short people into thinking that they are thin and tall people into thinking that they fatter than they are. The BMI value has increased approximately 10 % for taller people and 10 % of the BMI value is decreased for the short people. It is unclear where the threshold should be set for the overweight and obesity since it has been changing continuously over the years.


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