Ways To Add Pounds To A Skinny Body Frame In A Healthy Manner

The common trend among the people all over the world is to try and shed the extra weight and become slim. Obesity has become a major problem, and people afflicted with it desperately try to get back in shape. However, being too skinny or underweight also has serious health implications. According to a study, the risk of early death in thin women is 100% more while in men it is as high as 140%.  The Body Mass Index of less than 18.5 indicates that the individual is underweight. Many medical problems are responsible for less than normal weight in men and women which need to be addressed by a doctor. There are many ways that one can adopt to increase the body weight without adversely affecting the health.

Consuming More Calories Than Expended

To gain weight, it is essential that the calories burned by the individual are less than the calories obtained by him or her. If the amount of calories obtained is 300-400 more than the calories expended per day, the weight gain is slow. Those who want a sudden increase in their body weight must aim for 700-1000 calories more each day. Another way is to calculate the Resting Metabolic Rate which is the rate at which the body burns calories at rest and eating more calories than the RMR. An intake of 3500 calories more than RMR would result in an increase of one pound.

Balanced diet and protein rich food

Eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole wheat bread, meat with little fat, etc. help in gaining weight.  Protein is the single most important nutrient that is highly beneficial in gaining weight. Protein is an integral part of muscles and prevents the extra calories from turning into body fat. A protein rich diet converts all the extra calories into muscles instead of fat. The recommended dose of protein for people trying to gain weight is 1.5-2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, etc. are rich in protein and must be a part of the diet.

Regular Consumption of food

The eating schedule should not be haphazard for people trying to gain weight. Food consumption should follow a well-defined pattern throughout the day.  The habit of eating small meals five to six times a day should be adopted by the individual. The time intervals between each meal should be evenly spaced at about 3-4 hours between them.

Energy-dense foods

Energy-dense foods are rich in more calories about their weight. These include walnuts, almonds, pork, chicken, potatoes, dark chocolate, cream, yogurt, avocado oil, olive oil, brown rice, oats and much more. Consuming these products help in gaining weight.

Gaining healthy weight

People trying to gain weight must focus on gaining only healthy weight. This means that the focus should be on increasing muscle mass, subcutaneous fat which is located directly under the skin and not the visceral fat which is present in the organs and weight by the height and body type.

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