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What Are The Other Alternatives to Body Mass Index (BMI)?

The other alternatives available for the use of Body Mass Index (BMI Calculator) are

  • BMI Prime

The BMI prime is just a modified form of BMI. It is the ratio of BMI to upper limit optimal BMI.

  • Waist circumference

Body Mass Index BMI Calculator BMI Prime

The circumference of the waist is measured since the visceral fat is located in that area. More than 102 cm in men and 80 cm in women may increase the possibility of many diseases. The waist to hip circumference can also be measured but it has proven to give the same result except the measuring is complicated.

  • Surface based body shape index

This surface based body shape index is more accurate and meticulous and can be calculated with the help of

  1. Body surface area
  2. Vertical trunk circumference
  3. Waist circumference
  4. Height
  • Modified body mass index

The BMI Prime is measured by multiplying the normal BMI value with the albumin in terms of grams per litre.

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